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nwIda Dainese
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Descrizione: There are three papers about NAPUK party, in all of the provided languages, that go hand in hand, namely: the Manifesto, the Program, and the Codex; they are related, but are different, stressing on different sides of activity of this unique party.
incipit: In the Manifesto is explained what NAPUK means, why is it so important & unique, which are the basic requirements of its policy, in economic & social aspects, and why it is a must for us nowadays. In the Program are given in more details the economic moments of...
nwWoman Trinity Church (Idea About New Ath… (racconto saggio, breve) di nwJotata
Descrizione: This is my latest idea about one, preferably atheistic Church, that can be called WoTri (i.e. of Woman Trinity) Church, or PAW Cult, because there are worshiped three deities, Putna, Afro, and Wimei, and in triangular churches, in 3 different altars.
incipit: This has to be not big material, and the idea is very young for me, but it seems so philosophically profound in my opinion that I just can’t wait more before its publication. And why should I invent religious fables now? For one thing I have invented a pair...
nwThe Sweet Apocalypse (An Essay About Dying… (racconto saggio, medio) di nwJotata
Descrizione: This is a paper about the decline of our civilization, in what we don’t believe en masse because it is not felt as dying, it /smells/ good, yet it is a decline, obviously for those who give a thought to it.
incipit: I have come to the idea for this paper turning in my head the word apocalypse (or -sus), where apo- is a prefix in old Greek said to mean back /-ward, but I think that the idea here is rather in some movement ahead due to some digging, picking,...
Descrizione: This is a paper about one of my many ideas for bettering of the society, namely for building of /voluntarily chosen families/, by the simple reason that the families came down from historical scene but they are necessary, we are social animals.
incipit: There are some necessary processes in every historical moment, which, if will not arise smoothly, with centralized measures, will … arise again, yet with more bloodshed and social disturbances. I am not sucking this from my fingers, there were similar moments in the ancient times when the social orders...
nwPersonal Things In English (motley colle… (racconto biografia, lungo) di nwChris Myrski
Descrizione: Here are some things related with the author, yet this is not autobiography, the materials are made interesting. The titles are: Myrski Against Myrski, Conditions For Printing Of Myrski; Creative Testament Of Myrski, Open Letter To Microsoft.
incipit: Myrski Against Myrski - review of all works of the author, but in form of comic dialog of himself with his antipode./ Conditions For Printing Of Myrski - intended not exactly for readers but for editors./ Creative Testament Of Myrski - Again not for readers but for owners of...
Descrizione: This folder is creative revision of materials put in the CIS-folder but this is not translation, this is adaptation to the new auditory, and is intended to give initial ideas about the best world language, which is ... Bulgarian, up to my word!
incipit: Here I not only try to present this language to you, but also to convince you that it is a must to begin to learn it, because you have nearly no other alternative, the widely used English language is just bad! So that, please, find some time to read...
nwScientific Feast (Propositions, Ideas, R… (racconto scienza, lunghissimo) di nwChris Myrski
Descrizione: This is a common folder with various papers, in which are expressed all kinds of my scientific & popular ideas, here in 3 parts: linguistical, computer programs, social questions. The initials PIR are my invention, in Russian this word means feast.
incipit: In English. In the first part are etymological and similar questions (about a world alphabet, etymology of numbers, and world transliteration with Latin chars), which are pretty specialized, in the second are programmer ideas and realizations plus one enumeration of various PIR ideas outside this PIR folder, and in...
nwNow, Look Here (publicistics — in three … (racconto giornalismo, lunghissimo) di nwChris Myrski
Descrizione: Here are 3 volumes of my publicistics, consisting of 4 sections: “For Journals”, “For Newspapers”, “Feuilletons”, “Others”, which comprises very big period of time, from about 1990 and till 2017, when I decided to put an end to this enormous book.
incipit: This book contains all my publicistic works, written in the period of Bulgarian transition to democracy, which has begun in 1989, but has not ended for nearly 30 years, judging by our rates of development and the muddle in which we state. Still, even to the year 2000 was...
nwWe have a lot of Time (poesia narrativa, brevissimo) di nwMircobeccaro
nwOur Inability To Destroy (Social Essay) (racconto saggio, medio) di nwChris Myrski
Descrizione: This is an essay about the contemporary consumer society, that creates artificial things but /is unable to destroy them/ later. The narration is philosophical & unorthodox, reducing everything to what says the title. There’s also poetical Appendix.
incipit: *0. Preliminary Remarks* | In the old Buddhists books is stated that our world is something thrice “not”, namely: in it /nothing is perfect/ (what in many cases is the same as not finished — in Slavonic languages, say in Russian, there is /sovershenniy/-perfect, and /svershit/-to-finish, but Latin “perfect”...
nwBulgarian Survival (Personally Tried) (racconto saggio, lungo) di nwChris Myrski
Descrizione: This is an essay about the basic rules for living by low living standard, as in Bulgaria. The material is quite motley in its character, but isn't abstract at all, and is based on checked by the author methods and techniques.
incipit: Here is the Contents: | I. GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR REASONABLE LIFE | 1. Ancient Truths | 2. Strategies For Survival | II. SURVIVAL IN URBAN CONDITIONS | 1. Economies At Home | 2. Food And Preparing Of Winter Supplies | 3. Grasses, Herbs, And Wild Fruits | 4. How...
nwSocial Evils (Social Essay) (racconto saggio, medio) di nwChris Myrski
Descrizione: Here are discussed popularly, but philosophically, some of the major scourges of the society, such as the: wars, violence, terrorism, corruption, and others, in order to discover their causes and reach to appropriate methods for fighting them.
incipit: *0. Preliminary Remarks* | We will surely not “discover America” saying that the main reasons for our sufferings, i.e. of the reparable by us, or those that stay outside of the /indifference/ to us of the world in which we live (where this world some of you may replace...
Descrizione: This is an opus about the women & the men, the differences between them, the emancipation, and what to expect after it. Regardless of the fact that the topic is old, it is remarkably actual nowadays, when the equilibrium between genders is disturbed.
incipit: *1. The Emancipation* | The French understand, if not anything else, then at least love and sex, so that one must believe them when they say: Cherchez la femme (as cause for all evil things on this world), more so because to this truth people have come millenniums back,...
nwDemocratic Values (Political Essay) (racconto saggio, breve) di nwChris Myrski
Descrizione: This is an unorthodox article about the morality and the democracy explaining some basic, yet misunderstood, points about the democracy, in what way it is good and in what bad, why it has no morality, and how we can better it a little.
incipit: *0. Stating Of The Question* | Very often in the latter years I have been highly alarmed by the commonly used phrase about the “democratic values” which we have to defend, insist upon them, apply in our work, turn into reality, maintain constantly, and so on, meaning some moral...
nwTen Cynical Essays (Popular Worldview) (racconto saggio, lunghissimo) di nwChris Myrski
Descrizione: This is philosophical book, but it is popular & without special terms so that is accessible for all. To a certain extent the cynicism is a worldview that does not preach moral and does not idealize the things yet gives serious look about the world.
incipit: This is serious reading, not for falling asleep, yet the cynicism of the author is chiefly in this, to pronounce various, even shocking, statements, not making efforts for applying of the necessary anti-shock therapy, when these statements are true in many life situations, because of primary value for him...
Descrizione: Here are gathered all my early (till 2015) poetical attempts in English, which are not very much and also quite different in their genre, although all are mostly light verses with the so called nursery rhymes. At last in 2016 the book is closed.
incipit: These are light verses, in English, covering different topics, and they are such because this is what I like to read and write, and I am doing this from the very beginning, as you say, , or for fun. Yet I have put it also in poetical form, namely:...
nwCurious Manifestos (politistics) (racconto scienza, lunghissimo) di nwChris Myrski
Descrizione: The book is collection of Manifestoes of 12 political parties (+ 2 supplements), which are quite different in their characteristics, mainly ironical or even satirical, but entirely reasonable & scientifically sound. Such things I call “politistics”.
incipit: *The history of all societies*, for 25 centuries now, is a history of *change of democracy with dictatorship, and vice versa*! Even in Ancient Greece there were incessant changes of periods (of about ten years, or so) of some kind of democracy (but not for the slaves and the...
Descrizione: A popular study about the communism as religion, scientifically elaborated, from /apolitical/ point of view (such that the communists don't agree with it), also with elements of SF about one new religion, and with multilingual poetical Appendix.
incipit: Despite the various discussions about the benefits or disadvantages of communism, discussions which usually don't lead to undivided conclusions, because each thing depends on the time and place, each medicine — on the dose, each government — on the object of governing, each democracy — on the demos, et...
nwHellow-Mellow++ (racconto giornalismo, medio) di nwJotata
Descrizione: In English: says what was in the Open Letter in Bulgarian, gives non-standard info about the country & the author, then an idea for using of Latin alph. for writhing of all languages, with funny examples, then how the author can be used, some poetry.
incipit: This material has to fulfill several purposes, namely: to explain why I decided to "pollute" your site with this strange Bulgarian language, to give a possibly brief summary of what was in the mysterious Open Letter, to provide the readers on this site with some non-standard information about Bulgaria,...
nw3Sigma: Road Trip (racconto narrativa, breve) di nwFlavio Capelli
Descrizione: The 3Sigma go on a road trip to meet their friends Iron Chefs
incipit: Dawn had broken already over Union City, but the clubhouse on the hills was still in the shadow, immersed in the bluish light of early morning. "You wouldn't think bikers would gather at dawn for a ride, eh?", commented drily Plasma to Neutrino. Who didn't reply, because he was...
nw3Sigma: The Daily Life of an Outlaw (racconto narrativa, breve) di nwFlavio Capelli
Descrizione: More adventures of Neutrino and the geek outlaws
incipit: Fabio was just getting out of the flat's door, when Neutrino emerged from his bedroom wearing only pijamas bottoms. “Morning, mate.”, said Fabio half in and half out, “I made a tart with sour plum jam, true northern Italian style. Enjoy!”. If he noticed the bandage on Neutrino's forearm,...
nwThe Trial of Fire (racconto narrativa, breve) di nwFlavio Capelli
Descrizione: An unusual outlaw MC made up of former scientists; their latest prospect Neutrino is facing the enemy for the first time.
incipit: Neutrino was standing there, nervously handling his homemade blackjack. He was quite proud of it, he made it himself old school: a spring from some discarded piece of machinery, an eggshell as form for the weight… but no pure lead, it was too difficult to find in those days....
nwNeedleman-Wunsch algorithm (racconto scienza, breve) di nwPaolo Maccallini
Descrizione: In these notes I present a software (which I wrote in Octave) that finds the best global alignment between two peptides, using the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm.
nwRight Back at You (racconto fantascienza, breve) di nwFlavio Capelli
Descrizione: The terrorists have taken control of the satellite. Will the manual control system save the day?
incipit: The Colonel was sleeping soundly in his quarters at the base. He always did sleep soundly when he knew he did a good job. His phone rang, and after few rings he was awake, only a little groggy. The call came from CONTCOM. The Colonel lifted the handset and...
nwSignificance of local alignments (racconto scienza, breve) di nwPaolo Maccallini
Descrizione: In this document we provide a brief and easy to use synthesis for how to set parameters such as substitution matrix, gap penalties, λ, and K and how to calculate the minimal significant score of a gapped local alignment between two peptides.
nwKadath 2.0 - English version (racconto horror, breve) di nwFlavio Capelli
Descrizione: Undecided between Italian and English, I decided to publish both version of my work
incipit: In the harsh and frigid emptiness of space, Kadath races on its orbit and spins under the blanket of clouds mercifully hiding its horrors....
nwAutomatic Plant Control (racconto narrativa, breve) di nwFlavio Capelli
Descrizione: A story in english for a bit of fun against narrative tropes.
incipit: It was the third hour of Mark's graveyard shift, and he did do understand why it got that nickname. Nothing happened, and he was all alone in the control room of the Olefins Unit. There used to be two operators even for the night shift until the whole process...
nwMorning (pittura altro) di nwEldon Luarasi
Descrizione: 60x60 cm oil on canvas
nwBlue Dream (pittura altro) di nwEldon Luarasi
Descrizione: 50x50 oil on canvas
nwA rainy day (racconto narrativa, breve) di nwFlavio Capelli
Descrizione: Cosa può accadere in un grigio giorno di pioggia nella Pianura Padana? (in inglese)
incipit: Luca left work barely five minutes after the beginning of the lunch break – it was always like that, a few minutes more here and there. But the environment was nice enough, his colleagues were pleasant to be around and the boss wasn’t much of a ballbuster. ...
nwElpesit (racconto fantascienza, breve) di nwDixit
Descrizione: The project ELPESIT, acronymus for Earth Like Planet Explorer Space Interferometer Telescope, is a fundamental plan that aims to study Earths like planets orbiting other stars, at a level of detail never reached before by technology.
incipit: The project ELPESIT, acronymus for Earth Like Planet Explorer Space Interferometer Telescope, is a fundamental plan that aims to study Earths like planets orbiting other stars, at a level of detail never reached before by technology. The project consists of a pair of reflective space telescopes of aperture of...
nwFour bar linkage (racconto saggio, breve) di nwPaolo Maccallini
nwThe Afternaut (poesia narrativa, brevissimo) di nwGiovanni Minio
Descrizione: Poesia in Inglese
incipit: After... came the Afternaut......
nwHorse is Tired (racconto fantasy, breve) di nwMarino Maiorino
Descrizione: Poema in Inglese ('nzomma... un po' maccheronico, ma a me piace!), tema fantasy. Scrivevo cose così taaaanti anni fa :) Un cavaliere subisce il peggiore dei sortilegi, ed è incapace di avvedersene.
jpg pdf
nwThe Little Girl Dressed in Red (racconto umorismo, brevissimo) di nwStella Demaris
Descrizione: A new, humourous version of the famous fairy tale written by Charles Perrault: "Little Red Riding Hood".
incipit: In a small village deep in the countryside lived a little girl who was the most beautiful child that ever lived in that neck of the woods. Her mother was very proud of her, and her grandmother was even more so. Since winter was approaching, her grandmother made her...
jpg html
nwThe perfect postcard (racconto narrativa, breve) di nwMassimo Baglione
Descrizione: This short story has participated in a competition which had as layout the setting of the work in one of the sites classified as UNESCO World Heritage. No more than 2500 words.
incipit: Barbara was dreadfully rich. She was so rich that she could buy everything and she's still have enough money to do what she wanted, for her and all her future generations. But her dreams were different......
odt pdf
nwAnd I became a man (racconto narrativa, breve) di nwMassimo Baglione
Descrizione: A short lapse of my childhood
incipit: When I was a little boy and I lived at my grandparents' the whole house was warmed up by a wood stove... remember those old stoves with the hot plate made up of concentric discs? My grandfather used to get the woods. He went out with his legendary Renault...
odt pdf
nwAn impossible game (racconto narrativa, brevissimo) di nwMassimo Baglione
Descrizione: Oh yes, sometimes it's exactly like that!
incipit: I have met so many different women, I have loved, admired and appreciated them. They have often left in me nice memories. Some of them used to teach me, some of them used to educate me, others used to abuse me. But now, really, I can divide them all...

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